Safe Space Poem/Meditation

Safe Space

In these dangerous times,

We come here to a spiritually safe space, 

Shoes removed — on this sacred ground,

Seeking truth on our journey,

Seeking ourselves and our Soul.


We’ve carved out this special time, this Soul time,

To set things aside, to be still and present,

To connect, to reconnect.


No right or wrong,

No good or bad,

No shoulds or musts…

It is safe.


In a judgment-free zone,

Our Inner Teacher guides our practice…

As we cultivate a gentle, compassionate leader within,

One who uses wisdom to navigate,

Here to facilitate self-love and hold us in strong loving arms. 


No “better-thans,”

No performance standards,

No comparisons,

No competition,

No audience.


Standing at the top of our stage, 

We sun sweep our way up to light,

Then dive down, to go in and in 

as deep as we can dive.

Unafraid of the dark, prepared to face our shadows.


However we are,

Whoever we are…

We create a safe space for the Self.


No prerequisites,

No qualifications,

No mistakes, 

No failures,

No score keeping.


This is our sanctuary… 

Our body, our temple,

A home we call home.

Sometimes kneeling on our mats.

Here we are safe.


Safe to be, safe to breathe.

We are the generous innkeeper and the tired guest.

We bring the conversation, we carry the conversation.

We listen and talk, 

We talk and listen.

It is the altar of our soul…

And we are safe.